Desert Safari Dubai 2021|| SUMMER SPECIAL || Full-service desert safari in Dubai with no hidden costs
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An interesting travel experience in Dubai's desert is just a click away, with a plethora of things to choose from. From camel riding to belly dancing to photographing breathtaking sunsets, Dubai Desert Safari is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to be thoroughly amused.

When the Sun rises and begins casting its brilliant rising warm shadows across the desert, and then sets again after a few hours, all the shines and wonderful movement transfers to the moon and brilliant stars, the desert is at its most beautiful, and it's the perfect time to study and learn. What are you waiting for if this appeals to you? We have the most cost-effective Desert Sails available.

In Dubai, we provide the most modern and unrivaled collection of Adventure Tours and Desert Safaris. We are Dubai's most dependable tour operator. Desert Safari Dubai is a must-see sight for visitors to Dubai, and it is rated as the best tour in the city. Desert Safari Fun LLC is happy to give an honest range of cheap packages for Dubai's Famous Desert Safari, ensuring that visitors can experience the destination in the best possible way.


By choosing any Desert Safari offer, you can be charmed by a perfect sun rise (Morning Desert Safari), an eloquent sunset (Evening Desert Safari), or the twinkling stars adorning the sky within the dark (Overnight Desert Safari). The best part is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. We keep the costs low because we care about your wallet.

The Dubai Desert has its own unique beauty that draws people in. It has an amazing and attractive quality that attracts a large number of people, especially tourists and explorers who want to learn about the mysterious fortune of the desert and are dependable in their desire to learn new things on their own.

Discover your Craft Enthusiasm by influencing ordinary Henna to body handiwork in the comfort of your own hands. Fill up on energy and satisfy your cravings at our Stunning Universal Buffet, which includes a modest amount of flame broiled grill for both vegetarians and non-vegans (BBQ).

Dubai is known for its adventurous lifestyle, and it has enough to offer those who enjoy exploring and trying new things. Dubai Desert Safari is one of the city's main attractions, and various businesses provide a variety of the most appealing-looking packages, but it all depends on how much of it you actually get to see.




14 thoughts on “Desert Safari Dubai 2021|| SUMMER SPECIAL || Full-service desert safari in Dubai with no hidden costs

  1. Our safari was MAGIC owing to our guide Desert safari fun, who was more than we could have imagined, was so pleasant, took so many pictures, and made us discover everything. Thank you so much for this incredible experience; it was the finest thing I could have done on my honeymoon.

  2. The excursion is memorable in every way. The camel ride could have been longer, but the dune bashing made up for it. The cuisine was excellent, and the performers provided excellent entertainment. Desert safari DubaiDriver was an outstanding tour guide. Even after the desert, he gave us a lot of recommendations for what to see in Dubai.

  3. If you’re in Dubai, this is a must-see. My partner and I had a great time, and it was one of the highlights of our trip to Dubai. Desert Safari Dubai, had a very professional tour guide and was extremely kind and informative. The music booming from the car speakers throughout the dune bashing was fantastic and perfectly synced with his driving, making the experience even better. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would enthusiastically suggest it to all of my friends.

  4. I loved every minute of my desert tour with DESERT SAFARI DUBAI. This is a must-do program if you’re in Dubai because it’s great value for money. The dune ride, camels, sand boards, and dinner were all fantastic. You receive a lot more for your money. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. We strongly recommend this desert trip.

  5. It was a fantastic day that I had a Desert Safari in Dubai, and I appreciate the services that DESERT SAFARI DUBAI provided to us; they picked us up on time, and while on the way, DRIVER informed us about some of the tourist attractions in Dubai that we should visit to round out our holiday. His job as a Safari guide is something he excels at. I enjoy the vacation, especially seeing the high dunes, riding in a camel, and witnessing the belly dancing show at the camp.

  6. Our 4×4 car arrived on time, and it took approximately an hour to travel out of Dubai to experience some dune bashing, camel farm, and other activities. The driver was really informed and competent, and he made us feel very welcome and comfortable, which was fantastic.

    We arrived to DESERT SAFARI DUBAI camp later in the afternoon, where we were shown some falconry methods and camel riding. Although not my cup of tea, sand boarding was a lot of fun. There was a BBQ dinner buffet after sunset, as well as belly dancing, a fire show, and Tanoura.


    Exactly what we had hoped for, with a good environment, excellent organization, and kind people all around. They obviously know their stuff, and it seems like everyone else had as much fun as we did 🙂 Time well spent; I would strongly advise anyone visiting Dubai for the first time to take this tour; it is a must! Thank you very much.

  7. Throughout the tour, the driver was incredibly professional, eager, and charismatic. He patiently and thoroughly addressed all of our inquiries. He was quite amusing and made us feel at ease and secure throughout the ride. Definitely the friendliest and most interesting person we’ve met in Dubai thus far. Thank you a lot, Desert Safari Dubai

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